There will be a probationary period for businesses whose registration with CORGI lapsed some time ago or who are newly qualified. This will allow Gas Safe Register to monitor their approach to gas safety.

  • A business or engineer with good history and recent qualifications can register, but we reserve the right to place them on a probationary period.
  • Where we have poor or no history on the business or engineer we will apply the probationary period as a matter of course.

During the probationary period, the business must notify Gas Safe Register of all gas work they have carried out. We will carry out inspections to make sure the work has been completed to the required standards.

This process will be aligned with European legislation to accommodate competent engineers entering Great Britain and seeking to have their qualifications recognised.


Data provided and held by the scheme on registrants and their customers will be treated in confidence and used strictly for the correct and proper operation of the register.

It will not be sold or commercially exploited in any way. The new rules of registration will contain clear data usage statements written in plain English that will clearly explain how and where data provided by registrants will be used.

The HSE will own the installer and consumer data and only give the right for its use in the pursuit of improving gas safety.


You will be issued with a Gas Safe Register photo licence containing information about your business and your areas of work. Your licence card has a unique licence card number which changes every year to enable the Register and your customers to identify you securely.

All licences cards will be sent to your registered business address unless otherwise stated.

Your engineer licence will expire one year after the date from your business registration or before that date if your competencies expire. If you have taken or renewed assessments, you can update your card any time at a cost of £10 plus VAT.


The fees for registration are as follows:

Application fee
(includes one engineer)
£362.00 (excl VAT)
Non-web registration renewal fee
(includes one engineer)
£172.00 (excl VAT)
Web registration renewal fee
(includes one engineer)
£152.00 (excl VAT)
Additional engineer £53.00 (excl VAT) per engineer

Your registration renewal will occur one year from the date you registered. You will get a full twelve months service for your registration fee no matter what time of year you register.


When you register for the first time we require payment for the full year.

Payment can be made by:

  • credit/debit card,
  • cheque,

Once registered you have the option to pay for future fees, notifications and additional engineers by setting up a Direct Debit.


Apply for registration with Gas Safe Register. Registering with Gas Safe Register is a legal requirement for anyone carrying out gas work.

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Do you know someone working on gas who isn’t registered? Report them now.

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